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International Exhibition

I am curating a collection of work by Welsh born artists, and would be interested in discussing with you further. There is no cost involved, other than the time required to produce a small canvas. If you could drop me a line, I can explain further. Thank you
Stephanie Szakalo

Jennifer Marshall

I was so thrilled to see Jenni's art displayed along with other club members on my email page today. She constantly surprises me with her work which I think is wonderful and are so proud of her.

Her sister Audrey and family in Ontario, Canada.
Audrey Hughes

Maggie Humble pleasure

We have a Maggie Humble landscape hanging in the bedroom of our country cottage in Brecon which we bought in a cafe during a wonderful few days break in St Davids. We are fortunate to own a lot of art but few things give me as much pleasure as this picture. Lounging around this Christmas day 2014 I marvel at the light and texture and get lost in the long views. Fabulous. Thank you. Jon and Rochelle Cohen
Jon Cohen

D Bedwith 1992

Dear Sir or Madam. I purchased a small water-colour during a visit to Solva in the early 90's. Signed D Bedwith 1992, it has been very much appreciated ever since. I was wondering whether the artist is known to your group and if it is possible to find more of that artist's work. Yours faithfully Chris Elmore
Chris Elmore

Your donation to Treginnis Isaf

Good morning, I am currently writing the Autumn Newsletter and wanted to send a copy to you as you are mentioned in it! Could I please have a name and address to send the newsletter to? Many thanks, TRacy
TRacy Izod - Fundraising Manager Farms for City CHildren

Exhibition visit

Visited and enjoyed your art exhibition in St.David's. I am vice-chair of one of three local art groups here in Calderdale ( Halifax area, West Yorkshire).
Sue Blackwell
Sue Blackwell

Dragon Paintings

Hi there

I recently purchased paintings at the last exhibition and was very interested in more paintings from the artist who painted dragons. The one exhibited was lovely, but not quite what I was looking for for a gift for someone. is it possible to send me some other samples from their work?

Many thanks
Lynne-Anne West
Lynne-Anne West

maggie humble paintings

I am recently staying in st davids and have come across maggie humble's paintings and wondered if you had any contact details for her.
Angharad morris
angharad morris

BBC The One Show - Art Project - St Davids

Hi there,

I work for an independent production company called Real Life Media. We make short films for BBC’s The One Show – the family magazine programme broadcast weeknights on BBC1 at 7pm.

I have emailed a few artists individually, but thought it might be worth emailing the whole group to see if anybody is interested in taking part in our large scale art project in a few weeks time.

We have been commissioned to make two films set in St. Davids centred around Grahame Hurd Wood’s project to paint the entire population of St Davids. It’s a fantastic project and during the first film we’re going to see Grahame in action.

The second film takes its inspiration from Grahame’s project and is a ‘One Show Challenge’ film. The aim is to get as many artists as we can together for a day (probably around 6 hours) to paint/draw/depict as many people in St. Davids as we can. The focus will be on working quickly so would require a medium that is quite fast – I’m thinking pencil/ink drawing or maybe caricatures or pastels – but I appreciate you are the artist not me so may have better/more informed ideas!

We will be filming this on Thursday 7th August in St.Davids (location TBC depending on weather and also how many artists I can get together). Timing also TBC, but I am envisaging from around 11am – 5pm/6pm.

We would need you to bring your own equipment with you but if you could give me an idea of how much you’ll need to spend on materials for the day, I can see if we can reimburse you for some, if not all, of the materials. The films are only 4.5 minutes in length so unfortunately have really small budgets.

If anybody is interested, please get in touch with my via email and I'll give you a call.

Best wishes,

Emily Cadman

Thank You for supporting a community venture!

Solva Community Cinema would like to thank you for your kind and generous donation towards the continuation of Solva Community Cinema and the purchase of a new sound system for Solva Memorial Hall.
Its been a difficult year raising funds to keep this important community asset going and your donation has helped us greatly. Thank you.
Tomos on behalf of Solva Community Cinema

St. Davids and Solva Art Group website.

Wonderful job! I'm sure this website will surely bring you much success.
Audrey Hughes

St. David's and Solva Guesbook"

I enjoyed each and every illustration of the talent your 'Art Group' has put together for this website. It has made me wish I had continued to struggle and maybe put out some worthwhile treasures. Sincerely,
Audrey Hughes, (Canada)
Audrey Hughes